Saturday, April 4, 2009

Red Flame Salad

A while back I wanted to come up with a salad that would work with wine.

As most of you know--salads and vinaigrettes can be a real wine buster--the residual vinegar remaining in your mouth and tongue ruins the wine's balance, and making the wine seem overly acidic and undrinkable.

I came up with a roasted grape salad, using the grape's own juices collected after roasting and making a mild grape vinaigrette and scraping a vanilla pod also into the vinaigrette for added richness and buttery-ness to try and mimic a flavor profile found in wine.

The acid in the grapes after roasting were tamed and enriched, and the grape flavor enhanced, but still had enough acid to make the vinaigrette not too cloying.

For a crouton I love grilled bread. I took a variety of cheeses and blended them with a bit of white wine and garlic and pureed it in the food processor, then thickly slavered the cheese onto the grilled bread and toasted the cheese in the oven until gooey and caramelized.

This combination of flavors was delicious with the wine--and curiously--with either a red or a white.

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