Friday, March 27, 2009

French Fry Nirvana

We had a nice mention in the News Tribune today Friday, March 27 in an article about great burgers in the area--our Cheeseburger Sliders were mentioned.

The article went on to compliment our french fries also:

"Pacific Grill’s cheeseburger sliders ($5.50) ... Two small rolls are stuffed with juicy sirloin patties, aged white cheddar and a smear of house sauce similar in flavor to a tangy-sweet Russian dressing.

While the sliders skew small, you’ll forget about that because of the perfect accompaniment that comes with them – Pacific Grill’s garlic herb fries. If french fry nirvana can be achieved, these are it: thinly cut, crispy fried potatoes served in a tasty, salty pile with whole cloves of golden-brown, fried garlic and sage and rosemary leaves that become crispy, crunchy and delicious in the fryer. (Priced $11 on the regular menu)."

The full article can be read here:


Steeno253 said...

Hey Gordon!
My mother and I are just breezing by to comment on the article in the Trib! We've known all along about your sliders and are glad that you all have been recognized!!!

So, I also wanted to mention that Paranormal Washington is coming to The Seven-Oh-One Saturday night to investigate some spooky occurances. You should pop by and grab a cocktail :D
Hope to see you there!

ChefGordonNaccarato said...

Christina--nice to hear from you. Give your mom Pegster a shout out.