Monday, September 8, 2008

Best Sandwich in Tacoma?

"I couldn’t resist piping in with my favorite South Sound sandwich — and yes, I get to rank it high because I have complete control of the keyboard. Served on toasted, rustic bread, it’s packed with apple-smoked Wisconsin bacon, lettuce and tomato with mayo.

What makes this BLT work is chewiness coupled with strong smoky meat and fresh tomato flavors. It’s hearty yet not overly filling."

Recommended by yours truly Ken Swarner of the Weekly Volcano newspaper

I thought I should mention that our Pacific Grill BLT Sandwich is served on our Lunch Menu, and on our Boxed Lunch Delivery Menu.

We use what I feel to be the best bacon in the whole world--Nueske's apple-smoked bacon from Wisconsin. It is also maybe the most expensive bacon--we pay $7.49/lb and that's wholesale!

We use La Brea Bakery country sourdough toasted on a panini press, and serve the sandwich with fresh herbed mayonnaise & iceberg lettuce. You can add avocado if you like.

We serve the sandwich with homemade garlic herbed potato chips.

Once you taste it you know it is worth every penny!


Anonymous said...

I'm there! How much?

Anonymous said...

You can view the entire lunch menu via the downloadable PDF on our website here: Pacific Grill - Home

Or if you're in or near the downtown area of Tacoma, you can have it delivered free, next business day, by ordering from this website:

Bunnee said...

I've had this sandwich and still dream about it. Maybe it's time to make another journey from the wilds of Lakewood......