Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ceviche Tostada

A while ago someone asked whether they could expect to see some Mexican-styled dishes on our menu here at Pacific Grill since I got back from Puerto Vallarta.

Yes indeed.
[Pacific Grill's Octopus Ceviche Tostada].

It was great to be sitting in the hot sun under a palapa on "Playa de los Muertos" [beach of the dead] listening to the strolling mariachis as they played --as I was doing with my friend Karen Neustadt here in the photo-- and be able to order a ceviche tostada of local dorado [Mahi-mahi]; and have it delivered a few minutes later [with a bucket of icy Coronas or Pacificos with lime] right to your beach chair in the sand a few feet from the Pacific ocean....

Wherever I went in Puerto Vallarta I found myself wanting to order refreshing ceviche. So light and delicious in the heat and humidity, it is the perfect vacation food.
[Ceviche of Dorado on PLaya de los Muertos beach, Puerto Vallarta.]
Here on the beach at Boca Tomatlan, a very bouncy bus ride south of Vallarta, my friends Cheryl Franco, Carol Clarke, myself & Karen Neustadt, and I ordered ceviche of mackerel, and octopus.
We didn't care so much for the strong oily flavor of the mackerel ceviche to the left...
But the octopus was a huge hit.

At one restaurant, they didn't even have ceviche on their menu--but when I inquired--they said they would be happy to make one for me! [See the results ringed with sliced cucumber]

...and when I got back to Tacoma I found myself dreaming of ceviche...

Lately at Pacific Grill we have been experimenting with baby octopus ceviche [first simmering the octopus in a beer court bouillon to help tenderize it] then marinating it in citrus juices, onion, lime, chilies, cucumber, tomato and mango, and lots of cilantro with a generous sprinkling of sea salt. Vary the list of ingredients to suit your taste--more chilies if you like it spicier, and serve it on a crisp corn tortilla, as a tostada--or serve it in martini glasses with tortilla chips on the side for a sit-down dinner. Or for a more casual setting, in a large bowl with chips for scooping.
I also like serving lime wedges on the side in case the guests like a little extra lime [as I do].
Hint: I always tell my chefs to think of ceviche like a margarita tastes-- it should be limey and a little salty....

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Anonymous said...

YUM! I am drooling- I love ceviche- esp Mexican!! Mike and I are going to Mexico this summer so I'll make sure to order lots and take pics for you. MMM!