Saturday, April 26, 2008

Steve's Birthday / Harmon Hub

My brother, Steven the "Brohamster"recently celebrated his 52nd birthday at the new Harmon Hub. About 20 people gathered for pizza, wine and beer. Carol Holder one of the Harmon’s partners joined in the party and sent over several delicious pizzas.

Steve’s son Nick and his mom-- the famous pianist Elizabeth Naccarato, joined the party. My sister Gayle Luhtala and her husband “His Looseness” Gravel, stopped by with his newly released CD. My Dad, Tacoma legend, Stan Naccarato showed up with wife Jeanne.
Shirley & Lyle DeVerna, brought their friends Karen & Jeff White [also of Canterwood].

Our original bartender from Pacific Grill, Larry Blume stayed the course. Roxanne Murphy showed up and managed to wrestle my Dad’s 2 World Series rings off his fingers for a major photo-op: World Series Finger smack-down.

Carol was very proud that she had managed to have made some spicy chili infused oil for the pizzas, after my initial “blog review”. It is delicious, and available on all the tables now I noticed.

One thing I didn’t care for however, was when I attempted to get a cold beer. The beautiful bartender, when informed that the beer was warm told me:

that is how we serve the beer here”.

I told her: "the glass must have just come out of the dishwasher, the beer is so warm. "

She said no.

"Then something must be wrong with the thermostat on the keg coolers-- as they didn’t serve beer that warm in England during WWII when ice was being rationed"-- I said!

She persisted....

I asked for my money back but told her to keep her tip for her trouble. She returned my money [and my tip].

Later, I asked a server to get me a cold beer on tap but to leave some ice in the glass a while to chill the beer, and it was perfect. I tipped her an extra $2.

After the candles were blown out on the cake, a few of us went downstairs to Doyle’s to carry-on the party. We said hello to favorite Bruce Letourneau. Doyle’s was packed.

After Doyle’s, we said goodbye to Lyle & Shirley, and we decided to go check out Tempest. It was Karaoke night --my least favorite thing on earth [probably because I cannot carry a tune]. Unfortunately for us, no one else that night could either.

I grabbed some of the costumes and made everyone try them on.

It gradually became apparent to everyone at our table that somewhere between Doyle's and Tempest, aliens had abducted the Brohamster and replaced him with a strange Kid Rock hybrid.

Happy Birthday Brother!

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Anonymous said...

WHEEEEE!!! Uncle sure looked like he had a FUN birthday! I would have Vogued the house down if i had been at that bar :) Sorry I missed it.