Friday, March 21, 2008

What the Governor Ate

This week we were honored to serve Governor Christine Gregoire dinner here at Pacific Grill.

In the wake of the Zina Linnik tragedy, the governor was in Tacoma to toughen laws that will let police collect DNA samples from a wider array of sex offenders and let authorities publish the names of offenders on a statewide Web site if the offenders fail to tell police where they are living.

Later that night, she had dinner with several prominent businessmen including one of Tacoma’s business leaders, Herb Simon, who is credited with helping turn downtown Tacoma around. He also helped spearhead the U of W Tacoma branch and became a member of the UW Board of Regents as appointed by Governor Gregoire.

A Tacoma native, Herb Simon is a 1964 graduate of the UW with a degree in political science. In 1985 he formed an investment company --what is now Simon Johnson LLC, and invested in real estate and venture capital projects.

The Washington State Patrol is assigned to protect the Governor, and 2 plains-clothes officers sat at a table nearby, as Gregoire held court. It was interesting that after she ordered the Weathervane Scallops with succotash & apple-smoked bacon for her dinner, that several of the businesmen in attendance followed suit!

The 2 patrolmen assigned to the Security Detail (one male the other female) ordered dessert: she ordered Julia Child’s Warm Brownie Sundae with Olympic Mt. vanilla ice cream; he had the deep-fried Banana Split.

Both desserts are huge and I did worry that they might not be able to chase down any “perps” if something happened!

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