Thursday, March 6, 2008

Honolulu Restaurants

A few more notes about restaurants I dined at when I was in Honolulu in January. I had a nice meal at Indigo restaurant. Locals have voted it "Best Oahu Restaurant". This tropically stylish place gets a great crowd and also features live music at night. There are two comfortable bars but try and get a seat at the more popular outdoor bar. The eurasian fusion food was delicious—especially the crispy Ahi Tempura Roll ($13) that I sampled that had been dredged in almond meal, and fried. The shaggy batter was shatteringly crisp and thin. And when I asked about the delicious pickled sushi ginger, I was told that the Chef makes his own! I’ve got to get that recipe!
There were many small plates to choose from, sushi,, as well as full Entrees. The crowd-- stylish & having a good time.

Downtown Honolulu in Chinatown
1121 Nu'uanu Avenue Honolulu, HI 96817
Phone: (808) 521-2900
Fax: (808) 537-4164

Soul De Cuba
Had a delicious meal at Soul de Cuba, almost right across the street from Indigo, in downtown Honolulu in the trendy Chinatown. We had a rowdy group of friends, and we got even rowdier as the pitchers of mojitos kept arriving.

I had the Lechon Asado ($14) shredded roasted suckling pig, served over rice. It was delicious in its mojo citrus marinade, and impossibly tender. My friend, Barry Edwards ordered the Pollo Soul de Cuba ($18)

[see picture] which was a breaded breast, served with mango & guava salsa that also had pineapple and rum.

Soul de Cuba
1121 Bethel St
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 545-2822

Yard House Waikiki
A fun place to go if you are thirsty for beer is the Yard House located in the Beach Walk area of Waikiki, next to Roy’s Restaurant.. This casual restaurant chain has 130 taps and features over 100 beers! I tried a couple of the local Big Island brews—Big Aloha Blonde / Keoki Hawaiian Sunset ($5.75) being two-- which were nothing to write home about. The appetizer menu was interesting, and the place attracts a rowdy younger crowd.

I had the Poke Stack, ($12.65) which was a generous portion of chopped marinated ahi between layers of crisp wontons. It was drizzled with a spicy wasabi soy. The music is loud classic rock, the beer can be ordered by the “yard” and the food was much better than it needed to be. Your over-21 year old kids will love it. Your ears may not!

Yard House Waikiki
226 Lewers St., Honolulu, HI
(808) 923-9273

I would also recommend the always reliable Keo's for great Thai. The restaurant is justly famous for their extravagant arrangements of orchids. Located right off Kalakaua at Kuhio--every dish I tried here was delicious except for their version of "larb" ($14.95) also known as "Chiang Mai Salad". This salad has cilantro, "holy basil" & mint and is spicy and very lime'y' and refreshing. Unfortunately, there was way too much lime juice which further "cooked" the chicken making it mealy & dry.

Keo's Thai Cuisine
2028 Kuhio Ave.Honolulu, HI 96815
Phone: 808-951-9355
Fax: 808-953-2325

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