Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Black Bottle

After our dinner at Chandler’s Crabhouse I decided to drop in on a couple of other places before heading back to T-Town, with my Executive Chef Aaron Valimont.

He had never been to LARK or Licorous, the delicious small plates/bar next door also owned by Chef John Sundstrom.

I wanted him to have one of their delicious cocktail/food pairings. John is an extremely gifted chef, he even makes his own bitters for the bar! Now that is going “above & beyond” in my book!

Unfortunately Licorous is CLOSED SUNDAYS!

So we instead dropped in on one of my favorite spots in the Belltown section of Seattle, Black Bottle –the self-described “gastro tavern”.

We were both stuffed from our crabfest at Chandler’s but I insisted we had to "taste" the flatbread with b├ęchamel and prosciutto. We grabbed 2 seats at the bar and ordered a glass of Lyeth Meritage $9.

The flatbread comes in a cool fluted rectangular tart pan. Ours could have been cooked just a little longer. The crust a little crisper—but it was buttery and delicious, almost between a savory tart crust and pizza dough--and the prosciutto also could have crisped a bit more.

We both agreed that the prosciutto tasted domestic.

It was very lean, no delicious ribbons of fat. There were also some green herb cut into chiffonade across the top of the b├ęchamel but it had no taste—at first it appeared to be basil, but I am thinking it must have been spinach as it lacked flavor.

Even with these minor quibbles we inhaled the flatbread.

Black Bottle is definitely worth a trip. The menu is fun and inexpensive. The bar is cozy. Exposed old brick unadorned walls speak for themselves. A steel mobile slowly rotates in the breeze casting moody shadows on the wall. Interesting lamps and candles are everywhere (even in summer) and the crowd a nice mix of the urban chic that inhabit this stretch of some of Seattle’s best restaurants.

Black Bottle
2600 1st AveSeattle, WA 98121
(206) 441-1500

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