Monday, January 14, 2008

Winter Menu Now Serving

We have updated our Lunch & Dinner menus for winter.

At dinner my favorite new dish has to be the roasted Shellfish Cioppino.

The shellfish includes Alaskan king crab, rock shrimp, manila clams, mussels & black tiger prawns,all roasted in a hot oven until the shells burst open adding their briny essences—to the mildly spicy tomato broth, redolent of fennel. A large rustic grilled bread crouton is added to soak up all the delicious juices, and a judicious drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil completes the dish.

Another comfort food favorite is the Red Wine Chicken. First we take two chicken thighs and sauté them crisply, then surround them with winter root vegetables, and a nice red wine sauce. Pop it into the oven until the chicken and vegetables are incredibly tender, then serve it atop a pile of lumpy mashed potatoes at lunch—or a soul satisfying risotto with fresh herbs at dinner. The French would call this “coq au vin” if there was bacon in it—I just call it delicious!

By the way--I don’t know about you but I don’t trust mashed potatoes that aren’t a bit lumpy.

We peel Washington russet potatoes and add an equal amount of red jacket potatoes (unpeeled). Then we steam the potatoes until tender, add cream & butter, and mash them up with roasted garlic cloves, fresh thyme & Italian parsley, salt & pepper. Leaving the skins on the red potatoes gives the mash a nice texture.

Speaking of mashed potatoes—we are now serving a really delicious side of Feta mashed potatoes with our Saddle of Lamb. The mildly tart cheese makes a wonderful foil for the rich tenderness of the grilled lamb loin, and is delicious with a hearty red wine, matched against the rich Cabernet cassis sauce we serve over the lamb.

We have had many requests to bring back the Ahi Tuna as an entrée option at dinner. We are serving the tuna grilled, with a modern interpretation of the classic tuna Niçoises-style with roasted potatoes, skinny haricots verts, spunky wild arugula, olives & blistered cherry tomatoes. The sauce is a house-made tapenade of olives, with black olive oil finishing the dish.

Did I forget to mention the shiitake sticky rice on the salmon?

Hope to see you soon at Pacific Grill. And please introduce yourself. You can usually find me sitting at the last seat in the bar after 9pm having a "snack" and a libation.

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