Friday, December 21, 2007

Sushi Revolution

Went to the newly opened "Sushi Revolution" the other night with my friend Kevin, located in a strip mall near Car Toys and the Tacoma Mall.

I'm not sure it's a revolution, but the trendy concept ("The Largest Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant in the Northwest!" gushes their website ) has a series of conveyor belts moving small plates of freshly prepared sushi snaking through the dining room around a long bar and several booths. Diners grab color-coded plates off the conveyor belt at will--not unlike pulling a seat up to the luggage carousel at Sea-Tac airport to dine—but a lot more tasty!

We were amazed with the conveyor belts [very cool!] packed with sushi rolls, tempura, edamame, sashimi, seaweed salad, nigiri, spicy tuna, and on and on, and how many actual plates of sushi were circling the dining room.

The plates are color coded and pass by in dizzying array. They cost from $1 for the cheapest plate to $3 tops.

Believe me--with the variety the bill can grow fast. Kevin & I both felt like we were in a competition with the couple seated a few seats down from us as their stack of plates grew taller it made us want to out-do the competition.

By and large the place is much less expensive than most sushi joints, and since a roll is like 2-3 pieces instead of the usual 5-6, you can taste more--almost like a "tapas" sushi experience, or the trendy small plates style of eating that I so love.

Also--with the really cool conveyor belts looking almost like freeways bumper to bumper full of delectable choices--it would be the perfect choice to take a group for a party –or-- to introduce your children to their first sushi experience since (especially the guys) will appreciate the cool, high-tech conveyor belt system.

Our waitress was very friendly and full of information. We asked her to make recommendations and she had several rolls made for us that were not in circulation that were delicious. So ask!

We split 3 tall Japanese beers, and were stuffed for $50. A bargain.

Although the ambiance is sort-of lacking, and a feeling of "under-finished" permeates the place... I’d go back-- especially if the group has a budget to consider.

Recommended for a fun party with a group, and for children's first sushi-experience…
Or just to say you’ve: “been there—done that”, once.

Not Recommended for sushi snobs, purists, or anyone where ambiance matters

Service personable and friendly. Steered us in good directions. Knew her stuff.
20% tip she deserved it.

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Sunday 11:00am to 9:00pm
5225 Tacoma Mall Blvd. Suite #D101Tacoma, WA 98409.

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